About me: the Heather behind Heather's Cards

Hello!  I’m Heather: working mom by day, craft and design obsessed by night and naptime.   

I've been crafting since I was a teenager; a good handmade project is one of my favorite things!  I create every design and hand-craft every order here, and it all passes by the perfectionist eye my momma gave me.  Since this is a one-woman show, you know exactly who you’re talking to and who’s handling your stuff.  The only thing outsourced here is a good ol' British cuppa my husband sneaks me from time to time. 

I especially love the challenge that comes with custom designs: keeping your personality in mind when creating something just for you.  Almost all of the cards here were designed with someone I know in mind!  Check out my custom work here.

While in college, I watched friends getting frustrated, trying to find wedding invitation designs they liked but couldn't get in their wedding colors, or finding party invitations that weren't as unique as they wanted them to be - and I had the tools to help.  So I started Heather’s Cards with a few handmade cards in 2010 (which is further back on the calendar than I’d like to think about...). Of course back then there weren't a billion websites out there that let you customize your cards or invitations; that's definitely changed now. 

I’ve been an avid stamper since middle school (at last count I had over 2000 rubber stamps, yikes) and crafting is my favorite hobby.  If I'm not working on an order or making a mess with my kiddo, chances are I'll be browsing Pinterest for new craft ideas and wondering if I could fit any new materials into my cupboard (dear future me: the answer is no.)  I love trying new things, but I always come back to designing and stamping.  It's like my cozy little craft home.

And I've now talked about myself way too much for my comfort level, so we'll finish here.  If you have questions or want to chat, feel free to contact me below!

Favorites:  My husband and daughter: my whole world.  Parentheses (obviously).  Photography, baking, camping, and sewing, not necessarily all at once.