Baby girl | Newborn photography

Our road trip adventures this summer came about because of this little one.  My sister was due with baby #3 and I couldn’t miss being around for her big entrance.  There was quite a bit more travel involved than with her older brother and sister, so we turned it into a summer vacation and aimed to get there before her due date.   We got lucky and arrived with a week and a half to spare, and enjoyed another 12 days with her before we had to head home.

This is the chillest kiddo I’ve ever known – and I don’t say that because I’m her aunt.  She’s either happy or asleep, and she’s just so cute all the time. Her big siblings adore her, and seeing the three of them together is amazing.  I’m posting her newborn photos in honor of her turning 3 months old today (and definitely not because I’m behind on posting summer photos…).