I remember waking up one cool morning in April and hearing it.

“Today’s the day!  Your baby brother or sister will be here!”

I spent the entire school day trading pranks with my two best friends.  “My mom called – she had a boy!  Nah, just kidding.”  “It’s a girl, I heard it in the office! Ha ha, just kidding!”  Kids are weird.  When the news finally did come in – I got a special phone call in the classroom, even! – I was so excited.  His name was Jeffrey.  His name… a BROTHER!

Somehow, the years flew by and my little brother grew up.  He’s crazy smart and funny, loves details even more than I do, and keeps me on my toes like no one I know (in a good way). I don’t know exactly when he “knew,” but when Michelle waved a bashful hello as she met everyone for the first time, we knew.  She was family from the moment we met her.

This past weekend, my little brother got married.  It was a beautiful culmination of well over a years’ worth of planning, designing, constructing, and organizing.  Geek chic was the theme and while at first it sounded just as fantastical as some of their favorite shows, it pulled together into one elegant – and extremely unique – evening.

I was quite excited because while I’ve done plenty of weddings, I don’t usually get to see everything I made actually set up and in use – and I certainly don’t get the chance to snag my own photos.  (Though I’m sure the professionals’ photos will be much better.  I was sneaking shots in between family photos and cocktail hour!)

Jeff is a wizard with 3D printing.  Using designs he found and many he designed himself, he and Michelle created a centerpiece for each table theme – 19 in all!  I wish I’d gotten better photos, but family time and snacks came first.

[Check Jeff out on Twitter and Instagram where he shares his latest prints!  He also takes orders.]

What geek wedding would be complete without a ring bearer from Lord of the Rings?  Adorable nephew/Frodo tax:

Final tally of this summer’s wedding work:  save the dates, engagement shower invitations, bridal shower invitations, wedding invitations, programs, reserved seating signs, seating signs, guestbook sign, Instagram signs, seating map, escort cards, table names, food labels, drinks signs, bathroom basket signs, and thank you cards.  Whew.

Thank you to Clarke Estate for one amazing evening!