A few months ago I got word that my previous website version was being discontinued and I’d have to upgrade.  Being the stubborn coder (and by “coder” I mean “one who can work out mods and the occasional css/html issues”) that I am, I waited until I figured I knew what to do, and migrated my website.  And much to my surprise, it all went quite well – except for my blog.  Poor thing never had a chance.  So we start again!  To be fair, I didn’t have much up on the older blog anyway; forever thinking “I MUST WRITE MORE” sadly does not actually produce blog posts.  If anyone has figured out otherwise, please let me know.  Anyway, I figured it was a good excuse to start again, and so begins a new adventure on the blog with hopefully much more posting and shiny new pictures.

tl;dr: New blog starts now!