Poppy in macro

Los Angeles is seriously a magical place. Beaches, food truck festivals, mountains, museums, deserts, Disneyland – everything is here. And at this time of year everything is gloriously green; well, for a couple weeks anyway.

A few years ago I thought it would be nice to check out the locally famous poppy reserve. I’d always seen photos of golden fields and flower-covered hills and thought it was just magical.

Year after year, I’d watch the reserve reports: no flowers, no flowers, no flowers, HURRYTHEREARESOMEFLOWERSQUICK, oh hello wind, aaaand they’re gone.  Bummer.

This year with the great El Nino I was so sure there’d be poppies.  Spring break came, the reports looked better than usual… and then the wind came.  The few little ones hanging around closed right up.  Gah.

The husband and I (somewhat begrudgingly) decided instead to hike around a nearby canyon over spring break.  We’d been there in summer and autumn but never spring so it seemed like a fun little adventure.  And you’ll never guess what we found there!

Well okay, the title gave it away.  But real, actual happy little poppies!  And better yet, no crowds – and no wind.  We were on our own, surrounded by green hills and flowers.  And I remembered my macro filter.  Dream come true.

Well yes, I might be over-dramatizing things a bit.  But they are pretty little things, aren’t they?  And the fact that they don’t last all that long makes them quite special.

One of these years, it’s gonna rain and I’ll finally get to the reserve!  Do you have somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but haven’t made it yet?


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