The Rumps in Cornwall England

The Rumps.


The name derives from the celtic tribal people the Dumnonii who inhabited the area which is now known as Cornwall (Kernow), Devon (Dyfneint- meaning ‘deep valley dwellers’) and Somerset (the ‘Summer Land’ of the Mabinogion). [source]

Without much forethought but with much luck, I have married a Cornishman.

This type of Englishman differs from other sorts in that mention of a pasty or Kelly’s whip, whether cream goes on jam or vice versa on a scone, or even just mention of the hallowed Cornish clotted cream itself, will send them into a tizzy.   Accent: think Hagrid and/or pirates (Penzance? That’s in Cornwall.)

Throughout the 11 years (no, not a typo) we dated before we married there was much traveling between my California and his Cornwall, and we held our wedding there in 2014.  I always travel with my camera and have quite a collection so I’ll be sharing photos of my journeys to what’s become my second home, though I can’t take much credit; the place is stunning to look at, through a lens or not.



(Since I brought it up, I’m just going to leave this Kelly’s whip right here.)

Kelly's Whip ice cream