As I’ve been sharing photos of Cornwall, I thought it only proper to take you around the place I call my second home.  Welcome to Wadebridge.

I never really considered traveling abroad when I was younger. My family traveled but we were mostly a camping family and I was perfectly fine with that. But a long distance relationship makes travel a necessity, so in 2002 I hopped on my first international (and solo) flight to visit the boyfriend.

And I fell in love. 

With the green, the hills, the daily life, the food.  And him of course, even more.  And the sheep – good lord, they are everywhere.  It was quite shocking to see them more often than people, and I made such a deal out of it that it’s still a family joke now.




I’d like to say that the above photo required getting up before dawn, hiking to the perfect hill overlooking the old church and the river, and waiting for just that right moment… but no.  Rocking PJs and cuppa in hand, I just looked out the window.  How have I not moved there yet?




One really cool thing about the town is that the Camel Trail goes right through it, and if you hop on a bike it’ll take you to Padstow, the next town over, which makes for a pretty fantastic day trip in nice weather.  Once a railway line, it’s been converted for bikes and pedestrians.  It follows the river, so the views are stunning.




I’ll be sharing many more photos, but I’ll leave you with these.  You literally cannot take a bad picture anywhere in Cornwall.